Degrees and Programs

Bachelors Degree in Dental Hygiene

The Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene is a degree completion program for those who already possess an Associate level degree in dental hygiene from an accredited U.S. institution. It builds on the foundational knowledge and skills possessed by the Associate level trained dental hygienist. The program is interdisciplinary, consisting of six upper level dental hygiene courses, as well as three tracts of 12 credits each, in the areas of : Education; Public Health; and Business.

The majority of the course work in the three tracts consists of courses already taught by their respective departments.

The program is intended to help dental hygienists attain their personal, career and educational goals, whether they remain in private practice or enter related areas of the profession. It is intended to further develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and help address the ever growing knowledge base and changing oral health care delivery avenues. Further, the degree can be used towards exploration of, and/or as a step towards, acceptance into graduate level programs and research.


Program Learning Outcomes for Bachelors Degree in Dental Hygiene

  • Graduates will be able to expand and develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to their everyday practice and /or career development
  • Graduates will be able to identify future changes in the profession and formulate appropriate strategies to adapt to them
  • Graduates will be able to discuss the major current an future issues in oral health care delivery to include cultural, economic and societal factors
  • Graduates will be able to comprehend and apply the knowledge of learning and developmental theories to the education of their patients and the community at large.

Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene

Our program grants a two year AAS degree in dental hygiene. This is a four (4) semester program that totals 81 credits. The 19 credits of college pre-requisites are part of these 81 total credits.

The overwhelming majority of dental hygienists nationwide have a two year degree. The two year degree provides the training and knowledge needed to be an excellent practicing dental hygienist. The program prepares the graduate to take various licensing boards in order to practice dental hygiene.

The majority of dental hygiene graduates work for dentists in private practice. There are other opportunities open to a dental hygienist such as:

Government and insurance
Private business, such as dental manufacture´s sales reps and trainers

Program Learning Outcomes for Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene

Graduates will be competent enough in knowledge and skills to graduate the program and pass the National and Regional licensing boards.
Graduates will be prepared to enter private practice as competent, licensed, practicing dental hygiene professionals and/or continue in their dental hygiene education.
Dental hygiene students will successfully integrate and apply a variety of appropriate skills, techniques, knowledge and principles gained in areas to include basic/dental/dental hygiene sciences, infection control, communication skills and professionalism as evidenced in their treatment planning and clinical patient care/management, in a clinically competent manner meeting the standard of care.
Dental hygiene students will utilize the four (4) step dental hygiene process of care to include:
The program is student centered and focuses on developing the knowledge and skill needed in dental hygiene while striving to develop the students´ problem solving and critical thinking skills, communication skills and teaching/education skills.
The curriculum also focuses on developing the students´ professionalism; promoting life-long learning, community awareness and service, all in a caring and empathetic way.