Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE REFER TO OUR COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS WEBSITE for a comprehensive explanation about our program and admissions process.  

1. Do I need straight A’s to get into the UVU hygiene program?

Answer:  No, Not at all.  Although our admission is a competitive process,

Here are the facts:

 Traditionally about ½ of the applicants accepted have straight A’s in the pre requisites we take admission points from.  The remaining half of those accepted traditionally have a mixture of A’s and B’s.

Sometimes applicants get accepted if they have straight B’s.  Remember, we look at other areas for admission points as well:  Your best ACT and your Health occupations aptitude test score(s).

It certainly helps to have the best grades you can get, but it is simply not true that you need straight A’s.

2. How long does it take to complete the AAS degree? 

Like most of the University Programs we are on a semester system.  The AAS in Dental Hygiene is a 4 semester program once you are accepted.   This amount of time does not include the pre requisite courses; however you will find that our program has by far the least number of pre requisites of any Dental Hygiene program in the state that require any pre requisites in order to apply and be accepted.

What this could mean for you is that you can apply sooner to our program and be accepted to start sooner, as opposed to those with a higher number of pre requisites. Please refer to our comprehensive admission information on this site for an outlined curriculum plan.

3. Do I have to take the general education courses (examples: General Psychology, Foundations of Nutrition, and Introduction to Sociology; to apply?

Answer:  Not at all.  In fact we do not consider whether or not you have taken the general education courses in the application process at all 

4. What makes your program so outstanding?

Answer; There are several reasons:

**** Our Dental Hygiene Department was chosen out of all of the UVU academic Departments to receive the prestigious award of the UVU DEPARTMENT OF THE YEAR for the Wolverine Achievement Award

This award is especially meaningful to us as the award is given by the Utah Valley University Student Association. 

*Please note below the criteria the UVU Student Association used.

This award is presented to the office, department, or organization on campus that displays commitment to the students of UVU. The recipients stand as an example of outstanding service and loyalty to the student body.


   1) Our Outstanding students:  They are models for student success.

        For example:

           a) 100% graduation rate

           b) 100 % same day pass rate on the National Board Exams

           c) 100 % same day pass rate on the WREB Local Anesthesia Boards

           d)  100 % 3 month pass rate On the WREB Clinical Hygiene Exam

           e) Valedictorian for the College of Science 7 times since our first class of 2000.

            f)  All of the learning outcomes have been met and exceeded every year.

           g) Our courses have built in service learning experience and we work with many community


 2) Our excellent Program

      For example: 

        a) Best faculty to student ratio in the state:  1 to 4 in clinic and 1 to 16 in lecture

        b) Beautiful modern clinic facilities and access to the University’s wonderful facilities, programs and

            Learning environment

        c) Committed and experienced faculty

            All of our full time faculty have master degrees or higher and have a wealth of experience in

           Practice and education (133 years between our 4 full time Professors)

       d) Faculty commitment and concern for our student’s success and the Profession of Dental Hygiene

       e) Oldest and most affordable Dental Hygiene Program in Utah County