Full Disk Encryption FAQ

If my computer comes to a blue screen requiring a key, what do I do?

Contact the Service Desk for help.


How long will this take to setup?

It typically takes about 24 hours. You should be able to continue working, but may notice a “Drive is being encrypted” pop-up.  Your computer may also slow down from its normal speed.


When should I backup my machine?

When you find out the date you are being encrypted, you should try to get your data backed up to box as soon as possible.


Deepfreeze rules

If you have a computer that has Deepfreeze on the computer, and it is frozen, then you are exempt from FDE.


What should I do to prepare my machine?

Make sure that you back up all your data to BOX by the date that has been selected for your department for encryption.
Give yourself time for encryption to complete. Your computer will be slow during this process.