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By clicking on the button above you agree to the terms and conditions: 

  1. Each refurbished machine comes with a 15 day warranty:
    1. If there are any issues with the machine during this time period the machine can be: 
      1. Returned for a refund
      2. Replaced/repaired (if available)
  2. After 15 days, machines will no longer be accepted for return or eligible for replacement/repair.
  3. Refurbished machines do not come with power adapters or accessories.
    1. Power adapters and accessories can be purchased separately from vendors (i.e.: Amazon, Best Buy, Office Max) or found at Surplus (depending on availability).



What is included in the cost?

  • Technician's labor
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Each machine:
    • Is thoroughly tested to ensure the hardware is running and functioning properly.
    • Has a wiped SSD.
    • Has a 15 day warranty.

How do I order a machine?

To order a machine you will need to fill out the form. Each machine is first come first serve. If the machine requested has been claimed or requested, you will be contacted. 

All machines are purchased using an index number. Once the purchase has been completed, the machine can be picked up by visiting the Office of IT Asset Management in AX-132. You will be notified when pick up is available. 

When will more machines be added?

Machines are added as they come in and complete testing. Depending on parts and availability this can vary throughout the year and it is recommended you regularly check the list as needed.