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In accordance with UVU Policy 421.4.3.2, Board of Education Policy R345 4.1.6, and to ensure the security and accuracy of IT inventory being maintained and reported, the Office of IT Asset Management sends out inventory control specialists to verify the computers, tablets, and laptops purchased by UVU.

The 2022 IT inventory will begin November 7, 2022.  

For any questions or concerns, please contact the ITAM office at


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What to Expect from IT Asset Inventory Control

Inventory Methods

Departmental Reporting: 

  • An email will be sent to each department with a list of the assets currently listed as being under that department. Confirmation of assets listed or request for changes can be made by responding to the email. If physical inventory is requested or necessary, employees are asked to bring in any University owned laptops or tablets to their office for the inventory during a time that will be scheduled with the department. 

Physical Verification:

  • If necessary, the IT inventory specialists can visit departments to help inventory department assets. They will ask you about the assets you use and inquire about any assets not currently in your possession. Any assets unavailable at the time your office is visited can be inventoried at a separate scheduled time with the specialist.

Preparing for the IT Inventory

  • Work with your area technician to ensure any changes to your inventory are updated in UVU's inventory system before the date listed for your area and department.
  • Request all employees working remotely confirm assets assigned to them.
  • Ensure employees are following UVU policy 246.4.1 regarding surplus requirements and that items are surplused using the Surplus Request Form or through their area technician, depending on departmental procedure.


After the inventory of each area has been completed, departments will receive a report of the IT inventory information collected. Any additional information or updates to the inventory can be sent or requested by emailing

IT Inventory Schedule

IT Inventory Roadmap 22-23