TIMS Clock-in Stations

If you need to purchase an iPad for TIMS use, you will need to purchase it on the Wolverine Marketplace through the Computer Shop.

Select the "TIMS iPad" listing under the Tablets section; this will notify your area technician for further assistance.

Technician Information
  1. The ticket you receive for the order will show that this is an iPad for TIMS use.
  2. Once you receive the iPad, add the iPad to the TIMS site in Jamf. This can be done by searching for the iPad’s serial number, and then changing the site under the General tab.
  3. Put the word "TIMS" in the Room and Building fields, located under the User and Location tab.
  4. The iPad will automatically install and launch a kiosk app. On the settings page that appears, enter the following URL into the Homepage field: https://tims.uvu.edu/tims/prod/timeclk.php?onscreenkey=Y
  5. Select “Run Kiosk Presentation” to enable kiosk mode.
         TIMS Kiosk Presentation link location screen shot
  6. Once this has been completed, contact AIS (by emailing AIS@uvu.edu) to schedule a time to install the iPad wall mount.