Warranty Requests

For Employees:

Campus owned machines:

  • All machines needing repairs should go through the area technician to ensure proper troubleshooting steps are taken. 

Personal Machines: 

  • All personal machines (not purchased by UVU) can be brought in to the Service Desk in BA-013 to be evaluated. 
  • Area technicians are not permitted to work on an employee's personal machines. 

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

When troubleshooting a machine, it's important to ask questions like: 

  • Is this a hardware or software issue? 
  • Is it an internal or external component?
  • Can it be replicated? 

The following are suggestions for different troubleshooting steps you can take in order to find the cause of the problem. When submitting warranty repairs, many of these troubleshooting steps are required before work can be done on the machine.

The first steps you should take, regardless of issue, are: 

  • Check for power
  • Restart the machine

Accessories (including laptop trackpad and keyboard): 

  • Uninstall and reinstall drivers
    • Often a driver is what creates a problem between the accessory and computer.
  • Try the accessory on another machine (if applicable):
    • Does it still work or is the issue replicated? 
  • Try another accessory (i.e.: another mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.): 
    • Does this accessory work?
    • Does the issue remain the same? 

Screens (including external monitors)

  • (For any screen issue) Restart the machine
    • Does the backlight turn on (even just a flash)? 
    • Does the machine turn on properly? 
      • Do you see lights from the keyboard/machine?
      • Do you hear fans whirring?
  • Laptops:
    • Make sure the laptop is turned on and plug in an external monitor: 
      • Does the monitor recognize it's attached?
        • One way you can know if it is connected is whether or not the monitor is remaining on (connected) or turning off after a minute or two (not recognizing it is connected).
      • Are you able to use the machine through the monitor?
      • If all else fails, try another port.
  • Monitors:
    • Check for power:
      • Is it turned on?
        • Does the backlight turn on?
        • Are there any lights illuminating?
    • Unplug/plug in the monitor:
      • Does it automatically search for input? 
      • Are you able to turn on the monitor and see different input options?
    • Try a different computer/cable: 
      • Ensure the computer or cable isn't the reason the monitor does not display.

Internal Components:

  • Ensure the machine is turning on:
    • Is there whirring? 
    • Are there lights?
  • If the machine is turning on: 
    • Do you see anything on the screen? 
      • If yes: 
        • Is it booting normally? 
        • Do you see a black screen with errors on it? 
    • Run diagnostics

For Area Technicians:

Receiving A Machine for Repair: 

  • Before submitting a machine for warranty, complete the troubleshooting steps. Write down any diagnostic codes or information. 
    • If this is not done before the warranty repair being submitted, it increases the length of time the repair will take due to back and forth with technical support and testing.
  • Check to ensure there is a valid warranty. 

Submitting Warranty Request: 

  • When you have determined a warranty repair is necessary and it is not an Apple product, you can submit a warranty request yourself, or bring it down to the Tech Bench after a warranty ticket in Jira has been created.
    • For Apple products, please contact the UVU Bookstore (an Apple Authorized Repair Center) by phone at (801) 863-8641, or visit their office in-person in room SC-102

Creating Tickets in Jira: 

  • Reporter: This will be the name of the area technician
    • Note: A separate ticket should have already been created with a user when the issue was discovered - this should not be reassigned to the ITAM Office.
  • Assignee: Tia Wright
  • Assigned Area: ITAM
  • Description: 
    • Serial number 
    • Write a detailed description of the issue and when/how it reoccurs.
    • List all the troubleshooting steps taken and any diagnostic codes/reports. 
    • If there is damage to the screen, a picture should be taken.