Getting Help

Service Desk

The Service Desk offers phone, chat, and self-service support. For more information on current hours and service options, go to

Area Technician

Area technicians will be available for limited support remotely. Support hours for area technicians will be from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The following is a list of options for receiving support while working remotely.

Email (Preferred)

Send an email to your area technician and they will coordinate with you for remote support.

If you do not know who your area technician is, check this site:

Remote access

-          To initiate the chat/remote connection, use the following link:

-          You will then receive a Session Key which you will enter to initiate the remote support session between you and your area technician.

In the instance your computer is not turning on, or is not allowing you to utilize Outlook or Teams, you can access your work email online from another computer or smartphone by going to and signing in with your email address and UVU password.

Instructions for setting up your work email account on mobile devices can be found here:

Microsoft Teams

To contact your area technician in Teams, go to

  •  Send a direct message in Teams to your area technician.
  • Depending on availability, area technicians will respond as soon as possible.


Call the campus extension for your area technician. If they are not available, leave a voicemail and they will get back to you as soon as possible.


To find your area technician’s extension please check here:

Portals and Apps

VPN Access

Remote access to the campus network and some online university services require use of the AnyConnect virtual private network (VPN) client. The VPN is a limited resource and is not necessary for most work. Please use cloud services whenever possible to reduce strain on infrastructure, only connecting to VPN when using VPN-dependent resources.

For more information on accessing a VPN:


Citrix Virtual Desktop and Apps

For employees without access to a UVU computer, most standard university software can be accessed and used online through the Virtual Lab.

Below are instructions for accessing the Virtual Lab from off campus.

1.   Connect to the internet (home wireless network, Wi-Fi hotspot, hotel wireless)

2.   Install the Citrix Workspace App for your device from:

3.   Launch an Internet browser and go to the Citrix Website: Citrix

4.   Log in with UVID and password.

5.   Click on Apps or Desktops.


If you need to access files and need file storage, UVU provides Box as an online file storage option that can be accessed via

It is highly advised that you use Box for file access and storage while using Citrix.


UVU also provides OneDrive as an online file storage option.

Log in with your email address and your UVU password.

Note: It is highly advised that you use OneDrive for file storage when using Citrix.

Canvasfor Faculty

This tool is an online teaching platform designed to host courses for students to complete course work, take quizzes and exams, and collaborate with fellow students. Follow this link to log in to Canvas.

For more information on Canvas:

For additional assistance with Canvas, contact Instructure 24/7 Support.

  • Instructure Support Hotline: Call 385-204-4930
  • Live Chat support: Access Live Help on the Navigation Menu in Canvas
  • Email:

*If an Instructure Support Agent is unable to successfully address your Canvas-related issue, your ticket will be resolved by the appropriate UVU support unit during regular business hours.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a communication platform designed to allow UVU employees to communicate with other employees. This tool allows for remote meetings and collaboration of files. Students may be added as guests to Teams by inviting them using their UVU email address.


Microsoft Training Guides

Teams Quick Start Guide

UVU Email - Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the primary email system for the University. This can be accessed online using the following link:

Use your and your myUVU password to login.

For more information on Outlook and UVU Email:

Microsoft Office 365

UVU offers access to the Office 365 suite of software tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These tools can be accessed online using the following link:

Use your and your myUVU password to login.


Additional Resources:

For more information please visit the Off Campus Access page.