Software applications are rapidly changing in the IT world and, as such, have an associated lifecycle. OIT provides the software guide below with the following phases:

  1. Early Adoption: Software that is either in a limited release state or released with some underlying compatibility issues.
  2. Recommended: Applications that have been thoroughly tested and are endorsed for use by OIT.
  3. Upgrade Soon: Applications that have been released for some time and generally function well. Some compatibility issues may exist with new applications.
  4. Upgrade Now: Software needs to be upgraded, has many security vulnerabilities, and is no longer supported by vendors.

*Please Note: Operating Systems older than the ones listed in this chart are also no longer supported.

Operating Systems 

Early Adoption Recommended Upgrade Soon Upgrade Now

macOS 13.0 Ventura Apple

Windows 11 (21H2)Windows


macOS 12.2 Monterey  Apple

Windows 10 (21H2)Windows


macOS 11.6 Big Sur Apple

macOS 10.53 Catalina Apple

Windows 10 (20H2) Windows

OS X 10.14 Mojave (and older) Apple

Windows 10 1909 (and older) Windows

Productivity Applications 

Early Adoption Recommended Upgrade Soon Upgrade Now


Office 365 Windows Apple

Office OnlineWindows Apple

G SuiteWindows Apple

Office 2019* Windows Apple

Office 2016 Windows Apple

*UVID@uvu.edu and password credentials are required to log in and download software.

Web Browsers 

Early Adoption Recommended Upgrade Soon Upgrade Now

Edge Windows

Safari** Apple Windows

ChromeWindows Apple

FirefoxWindows Apple


Internet Explorer 11 Windows

* Most up to date browser version
** Apple applications (e.g. Safari) come pre-installed with a particular Mac OS X version.

Email & Calendar 

Early Adoption Recommended Upgrade Soon Upgrade Now


Outlook 365  Windows Apple

Outlook Web App Windows Apple

Outlook 2019 Windows Apple

Outlook 2016 Windows Apple

Last Updated 11/2/2022