Computer Shop Order

How to Order a computer from the computer shop

  1. Log into myUVU
  2. Click the employee tab on the left side
  3. Select Purchasing and travel
  4. Select Wolverine Marketplace
  5. Click on the computer shop punchout 

    computer shop punchout

  6. A second page will open from here find the computer you want 

    computer shop page
  7. Click Proceed to Checkout once you have selected everything you want to order

  8. Review your order and click order
  9. Now you can click Proceed to order or assign cart
    1. You would use the assign cart button when you either don't know information (i.e.: accounting codes, specifications, etc.) or if someone else will be completing the order for you
  10. Change your shipping address to your department’s address 


  11. Click accounting code on the left-hand side 
  12. Fill out Index, Fund, Organization, and program
    1. If you use the search function for the index, it will auto populate the rest
  13. Double check everything to make sure its correct and click final review on the left-hand side
  14. Click Submit Requisition
    1. If you don’t see submit requisition and instead see Assign cart you probably don’t have the rights to submit an order. Use the Assign cart feature to assign it to a person who can submit orders for your department in this case

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