Outlook for Android Email Setup Tutorial

Outlook Setup for Android


 Disclaimer this walk through is based off a Samsung Galaxy if you have a different brand of android your process might differ slightly.

  1. Open the settings on your android device
  2. Scroll down and click on “Cloud and accounts”
  3. Click on “Accounts”
  4. Click “Add Account”
  5. Scroll down and click on “Microsoft Exchange”
    1. Note if you don’t see Microsoft Exchange download the Outlook App from the Google Play Store. After that is downloaded repeat the steps above and click on “Outlook” instead of “Microsoft Exchange”
  6. Enter your UVID@uvu.edu for your username
  7. Enter your password
  8. Click “Sign in”
  9. Read through and accept the Terms of use
  10. Select what you want to sync on your phone and click done
  11. You have successfully added your email to your android device.

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