Outlook for iOS Email Setup Tutorial 

iOS Email Setup

  1. Open the settings on your iOS device

  2. Scroll down to the “Passwords & Accounts” and tap to select it

  3. Toward the bottom tap the “Add Account”

  4. Select Exchange

  5. Enter your email in the following format UVID@uvu.edu . Optionally add a description for the account

  6. A prompt window should appear, select the “Sign In” option

  7. You should be taken to a new window, your email should be automatically populated in the first field, if it is not please enter it using the same format as above. In the second field enter your UVU Password.

  8. Once email and password are entered click the Sign In button

  9. Lastly, select the items you wanted to be synced to your phone. You have now successfully added your email to your iOS device.

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