Technology Support Committee


The Technology Support Committee (TSC) provides coordination between academic and administrative IT staff, LAN managers, and technicians. This committee establishes and maintains computer hardware and software standards, as well as technology procedures and practices for the students, faculty & staff of the University. The goal of this committee is to provide and support reliable, productive, and user-friendly technology for the campus community.


  • Chair- John Berry, Desktop Support
  • Adam Candland, Desktop Support
  • Alex Bluemel, Desktop Support
  • Andrea Osborn, Systems Administration
  • Andrew Stewart, CET IT Support
  • Ashlyn Nipko, Desktop Support
  • Ashton Parke, Student Computing
  • Azucena Aguayo, Library
  • Benjamin Lopez, Desktop Support
  • Blake Riding, CET IT Support
  • Brett McKeachnie, Project Management
  • Chase Killebrew, Desktop Support
  • Chris Cox, Utah Fire and Rescue
  • Coleman Lloyd, CET IT Support
  • Cynthia Tibbetts, Service Desk
  • Dale Cromar, Bookstore
  • Dallas Hawkins, Student Computing
  • Darel Hawkins, Systems Administration
  • Devin Krisle, Infrastructure Operations
  • Devin Raine, Desktop Support
  • Duane Lee, Systems Administration
  • Jacob Stephens CET IT Support
  • James George, School of the Arts
  • Jared Smith, Desktop Support
  • Jason Hill, Academic IT
  • Jess Houston, Service Desk
  • Jermey Mecham, Desktop Support
  • Jim Condie, System Administration
  • Jon Barclay, IT Security
  • Jonathan Michelsen, Woodbury Business
  • Jordan McKeachnie, Desktop Support
  • Joshua Kratochvil, Educational Support Services
  • Kim Leseberg, Student Computing
  • Kurtis Olsen, Networking
  • Merrill Oveson, CET IT Support
  • Michael Taylor, Woodbury Business
  • Nathan Montgomery, Desktop Support
  • Niles Wimber, Desktop Support
  • Phil Ah You, School of the Arts
  • Riley Johnson, Student Computing
  • RJ Olson, Desktop Support
  • Robert Ward, Bookstore
  • Russell Kent, Service Desk
  • Ryan Scott, Desktop Support
  • Scott Horne, Testing Services
  • Seth Lee, Desktop Support
  • Skyler Jeppson, Library
  • Shane Killebrew, College of Science
  • Shayne Curley, Woodbury Business
  • Thomas Lee, Desktop Support
  • Tia Wright, Desktop Support
  • Tony Nwabuba, College of Science
  • Trevor Durham, CET IT Support
  • Troy Martin, CTO 
  • Zachary Swenson, Media Services



Software Standards

  • Vacant

Computer Labs

  • Kim Leseberg, Chair

Mac Subcommittee 

  • Phil Ah You, Chair
  • James George
  • Joshua Matau
  • Nathan Montgomery
  • Niles Wimber
  • Robert Ward
  • Ryan Jensen

Minutes & Documents