Nilson Septon
department: Development Services
title: Associate Director Development Services - Data Management
office: AD 105
phone: 801-863-6209

Nilsen Septon joins Utah Valley University as the data manager for development and alumni relations. He brings a breadth of experience in both customer relations and database management—a unique blend of both customer service and technical expertise.

Nilsen spent 15 years in the restaurant industry successfully turning around unproductive locations. He then transitioned into the tech industry for 15+ years, first as a trainer/consultant, and ended up wearing many hats—from gopher to management. The two industries have served him well and have allowed him to easily explain technical issues in an easy-to-understand manner. In his last position with his previous company, he not only managed multiple databases of varying sizes but also performed data conversions of more than two million records.

Nilsen has also been a world traveler as well, living in Japan, Germany, Philippines, Greece, and Indonesia, but is glad to make his home here in Utah. He enjoys all sports (and even officiates) and absolutely loves spending time with family.

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