About Developmental Math


Final Exam

  1. Every course must have a final exam.
  2. Every student registered in the course must take the final exam.
  3. The final exam is to be given during the day and time scheduled for that section of the course. (See Final Exam Schedule in the official Class Schedule.) If the final exam is given in two or more parts, the last part must be given during the appointed final exam time.
  4. Students may not take the final exam early, except in interactive, internet, or independent study classes. In such classes, the final exam may be completed by the end of the penultimate week of classes, or during final exam week, but may not be taken during the last week of classes.
  5. Students who choose not to take the final exam or who leave campus before finals week must be given a score of 0 on the final exam. The student may not receive an incomplete, nor be excused from taking the final exam. The student may petition the instructor to take the final exam upon his or her return to campus. If the student's petition is approved, the instructor will take appropriate action for a change of grade after the student has completed the final exam.
  6. An instructor may allow a student to take the final exam during finals week at a time other than the time appointed only if the instructor takes personal responsibility for proctoring the student.
  7. Any student requesting an exception to this policy must fill out a Petition for Exception to Final Exam Schedule, stating reasons for making the request and providing required documentation, as outlined on the form. Forms are available from the department chair or the administrative assistant (Trina Anderson at 863-6570). The petition must be submitted to the department chair for approval at least ten days prior to the date requested for the final exam to be taken. The department chair will then confer with the instructor regarding the petition and the instructor's recommendation will be considered. The petition will be approved or denied by the department chair and the petition form will be given to the instructor with a copy for the student.