About Developmental Math



Incomplete Grades: Sometimes a student has done a majority of the work for a course but, for one reason or another, has been unable to complete the course and earn a passing grade and will request an Incomplete, " I," grade. An Incomplete is to be given only in extreme cases where circumstances were beyond a student's control and verification (doctor's note, etc.) may be required.

It is UC policy that an Incomplete only be given to a student who has successfully completed at least 80 percent of the work for a course. Experience has shown that most Incompletes are never finished within the year allowed; therefore, caution your classes early that they must meet deadlines, take tests and quizzes on time, and finish the course as scheduled. In cases where the Incomplete is not appropriate (lack of completion of work because of such reasons as personal problems, financial problems, procrastination, or dissatisfaction with the grade earned), the student may repeat the class if he/she is not satisfied with the grade that his/her performance has earned.

In those cases where an Incomplete is appropriate, an Incomplete form with all required signatures and work must be submitted to the administrative assistant (Shelby Ford, LA217n) before final grades are due. It is the instructor's responsibility to compile all work involved with the Incomplete and obtain the necessary signatures as early as possible. After approval by the department chair, you will give one copy of the form to the student and leave one, plus all associated tests, etc. with Shelby Ford.

Show on the Incomplete form, or on an attached computer progress report, all completed work, scores, etc. that the student has earned so far, as well as any remaining work to be done. If you are not available to evaluate such work, you must also indicate how a grade can be determined by whoever follows through with that student.

UVU policy now allows a maximum of one year for Incomplete grades to be changed to credit. It would be better for the student if a fairly short time limit is established. That requires the student to complete the work in a reasonable amount of time before other priorities begin to compete for time, the student forgets, etc. If you need forms, answers, etc., check with the department chair.