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Developmental Mathematics Department Tenure Policy


Before October 15 of the first year of employment, the candidate will meet with the department chair, and the DRTP committee to outline expectations and discuss tenurable activities. At this time the candidate will be given a schedule that he or she must adhere to in order to meet the requirements for achieving tenure. Continued Negotiations of Candidate's Tenure Plan: It is assumed that the candidate will continue to make change(s) and update his or her tenure plan throughout the course of each year. The candidate must then renegotiate any significant change(s) made to his or her proposal with the DRTP committee.


The candidate must show competency, meritorious achievement and excellence in the area of service, scholarship, and teaching. The candidate must demonstrate:
1. excellence or meritorious achievement in teaching.
2. excellence or meritorious achievement in either scholarship or service and
3. a minimum of competency in the remaining area of scholarship or service.
The faculty member must, therefore, achieve excellence in at least one category, meritorious achievement in another and at least competency in either scholarship or service.

Definition of Terms:

As required by the Tenure Policy of School of General Academics, section IV and as a stated function of the DRTP Committee (The Purposes and Duties of the Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee II.B.2), the Developmental Mathematics Department of the University College of Utah Valley State University defines competency, meritorious achievement, and excellence as follows:


The candidate will maintain a consistent level of acceptable performance as defined in Section VI with a minimal number of goals from Section VII.

Meritorious Achievement:

In addition to demonstrating competency, the candidate will show evidence of periodic growth and achievement of a considerable number of specific goals from Section VII.


In addition to demonstrating competency, the candidate will show evidence of sustained growth and substantial achievement throughout the entire tenure process by accomplishing a significant number of goals from Section VII and performing continually at a level well beyond that which is required.