Math Mentor

Math Mentor Mission Statement

The mission of the UVU Math Mentor Program is to provide opportunities for students who have overcome their struggles in mathematics to develop the skills necessary to return and help students in developmental math courses through:

  1. Teaching and Encouraging Metacognitive Practices
  2. Mathematics Learning Strategies and Study Skills
  3. Student-to-Student Interaction

What is a Math Mentor?

Students working on a math problem

Math mentors are UVU students who have recently either completed a developmental mathematics course or a mathematics course that satisfies their quantitative literacy requirement. Math mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to rigorous academic standards. They support their instructors by aiding in the planning and facilitations of their classes. Math mentors help students in developmental mathematics courses by helping them discover how to be smart learners of mathematics through study groups as well as studying independently.


Student getting help from a math tutor
  • Be an example of a successful student.
  • Participate in the pre-Fall semester Bootcamp (held in early August).
  • Attend, facilitate, and take part of the mentor class MAT 240R.  Maintain a grade of a B+ or better.
  • Meet weekly with assigned mentor
  • Complete 10 mentoring hours per week.  These hours will consist of time spent in assigned MAT courses as well as time spent helping students in or outside the classroom.

Become a Math Mentor

Silhouette of students working on a math problem

Complete the prerequisite developmental mathematics course with a B (3.0) or higher. Maintain an overall academic GPA of 3.0 or higher. Math mentors need to be referred by their prior mathematics instructor, who looks for the following qualities in a math mentor:

  • Dependability
  • Timeliness
  • Ability to interact and work with others
  • Leadership and initiative
  • Excellent study skills

Math Mentors in Action

Meet the Mentors

Meagan Adams

My name is Meagan Adams. I am majoring in Special education. I am from Manila, Utah near the Flaming Gorge. It was an awesome place to grow up and there is always something to do. I am number 6 out of 7 children to come to UVU, so we truly bleed green! I love to read, be outside, and cook with my husband. I enjoy being a math mentor because I love to meet new people and helping them.

Casey Black

Hello, my name is Casey Black and I'm from Provo, Utah.  I'm a Personal Financial Planning major but I hope to take that to a Corporate Financial Planning program and work with companies, preferably startups, on managing their books and finances. I'm finishing my third semester here at UVU and I'll be leaving for an LDS mission in January! I've loved being at UVU, the environment is so friendly and supportive that I thrive in my classes; never afraid to ask a deeper question and take my learning further. I love mentoring and I've made a lot of memories already with everyone I've met! I played tennis in high school and still love the sport, currently I'm working on my digital art skills which has proven to be a tough but rewarding hobby. Since 2020's been a bit unpredictable I'm excited to see what the future has to offer!!

Kennon Buss

Hey y’all! My name is Kennon Buss and I am from Orem, Utah. I am currently majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry hoping to go into a medical profession someday. This is my freshman year at UVU and I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends, some of which I’ll come across through the mentor program. Some things I love to do are baking, tumbling, doing crafts, and hanging out with my friends and family!

Sidney Clinger

Hi! I'm Sidney Clinger and I'm from Salt Lake City. I'm mentoring again after a short hiatus and I'm so excited to be back! I'm a Math Education major and plan to teach junior high once I graduate. I wasn't always the best at math, but I had some awesome professors here at UVU help me, and now I love helping others gain confidence as well!

I also love making stained glass, traveling with my husband, and The Dark Knight movies. 

Alexis Coca

My name is Alexis Coca and I come from the small and exciting town of Provo, Utah! I’m majoring in sociology at UVU and hope to go into law. Although my life is sometimes a complicated mess, I find joy in spending time with my family and friends. I also love playing lacrosse. I’ve played for 8 years and I’m happy I can continue my athletic career playing for UVU. I also enjoy playing the tuba in my free time! Yes, I am a woman of many talents and I also think I’m funny!  I am currently a math mentor and love it! I’ve always struggled with math like for reals, but these past few years I have improved and I love sharing my knowledge with other who also struggle. 

Gabby Gonzalez

Hi! My name is Gabby Gonzalez Jensen, and I've been a UVU Math Mentor for a little over a year now. I love what I do as a mentor, and the people that I get to work with. I am a communications major at UVU, and I love being able to be on campus for both my own education, and helping others in theirs. I am a newlywed as of August 2020, and my husband and I currently live in Provo, UT. I enjoy traveling, cooking, anything to do with stationary, music, entertaining, photography, and spending time with my wonderful husband and family. 

Nate Gray

I'm Nathan Gray. I am currently a sophomore studying Psychology to become a counseling psychologist. I am not a math wizard. In my free time you can find me on the pickleball courts. I love helping others! I also love learning about leadership and becoming my best self. I really enjoy the opportunity I have to help others be successful! 

Emily Hall

Hey! My name is Emily Hall. I am from Orem, Utah. I was born and raised here. I am studying political science. I have 3 semesters left. I enjoy playing and teaching the uke, hanging out with my friends and family, having game nights, and spending time in the sun! I have struggled but have been able to find joy in the little things. I love interacting with students and seeing the light turn on when they understand something. This is my third semester mentoring and I have appreciated every second of it. I am looking forward to this year to meet new people, make new friends, and to impact students' lives.

Evie Knabb

Hi there! My name is Evelyn Knabb and I’m from Jacksonville, Florida! I’m a junior at UVU studying digital marketing, with hopes to create advertisements for companies in the future! I love getting creative and building up new ideas, especially when they involve a camera. I love UVU and all of the opportunities it has brought my way, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

Quetzal Martinez

Quetzal is a sophomore at Utah Valley University where she is majoring in art history and enjoys getting to know people as a math mentor. On her free time she loves watching old movies, playing tennis, baking, and visiting art museums. She eventually wants to work as an art curator, and her dream job is to be the art curator for the Dallas Museum of Art. Apart from art history, Quetzal’s favorite class is Spanish and she loves practicing it with friends and family whenever she can. 

Skyeler McCook

Hey, my name is Skye and I find meaning in literature, the arts and ethos. Raised in Arizona, I escaped the heat to be a Pre-Law student at Utah Valley. Later, I pursued the mentor program to support students in fostering greater opportunity through their own decisions and facilities.

Jake Reed

Hey! My name is Jake, this is my first year as a math mentor and I could not be more excited! I am a Biology major, and I plan on applying to medical school in just under two years. In my free time I love enjoying Utah's beautiful mountains by either skiing or mountain biking with my gorgeous wife. I love being a math mentor because I know that when people learn how to succeed in math, that confidence can allow them to accomplish any goal they have. 

Day Rodriguez

GOOD DAYS EVERYBODY! My name is Daira Rodriguez, but I go by Day. I’m an International Student from Mexico. I’m a math mentor at Utah Valley University while majoring in Civil Engineering. I moved to the US when I was 16 years old and I love every single memory that I’ve made in Utah, especially at UVU. I love meeting new people and creating unforgettable new adventures every day!  

Isaac Standage

Hey! My name is Isaac Standage and I'm a math mentor at UVU. I'm a psychology major and I'm originally from Mesa, Arizona. I spend most of my free time either in the gym, sleeping, or watching Netflix. I became a math mentor because I like to help people succeed. I used to struggle with math a lot, and I want to help others overcome their struggles with math and school in general as well.

Braden White

WHATS UP, MY PEEPS! My name is Braden White and I’m from Riverton, Utah.  I Just started my second year at UVU and have absolutely loved every minute of it!!  These have definitely been some of the best years of my life.  Along with that, this is my first semester being a math mentor and I have loved meeting new people and making lifelong friendships with the students I meet and with those that I mentor with!  I love anything sports related.  My top sports are Golf, Basketball, Football and Baseball.  I also really enjoy helping people achieve their goals in school and in life!

Brendan Williams

My name is Brendan Williams. I was born and raised in Utah County. I am a mechanical engineering major here at UVU, and I am a math mentor. I love to be with other people. I love every moment I get to socialize with old friends or to make new ones. I consider myself an entertainer. I enjoy juggling, unicycling, storytelling, and sword fighting. In any free time, I love getting out of the house and finding adventures. I also love to be outdoors. If I could be anywhere I would be in the mountains exploring new places, hiking, or camping. I am an assistant scoutmaster in Scouts BSA. It's so much fun taking the youth on adventures to learn new skills and about themselves. And I believe it is important to take opportunities as they come to us, and I try to do something every day that is worth sharing with someone.