Math Refresher Workshop

The MAT 1030 Expired Prerequisite Workshops at UVU are primarily designed for students who have been away from mathematics for two or more years.

UVU students wishing to take MAT 1030 who have expired prerequisites (a MAT 1000/1010 course grade or placement test score more than two years old) will encounter a prerequisite error when attempting to register for MAT 1030. Expired Prerequisite Workshop registration, together with a C or better in MAT 1000/1010 or appropriate test scores, can be used as temporary eligibility for MAT 1030.

Within one business day after workshop registration, an advisor will enter a system override allowing UVU students to register in their desired section of MAT 1030. Students are responsible for their own UVU course registration; participation in the workshops does not guarantee a seat in the course.

The workshop can be used as placement one time only; if you do not pass your  MAT 1030 course, you will need to either repeat MAT 1000/1010 or establish eligibility for the course with an appropriate placement test score.

Students using the workshops for placement must attend every session of their scheduled workshop, arriving on time and actively participating the entire session, in order to maintain placement. Students who do not attend every session, who arrive late or leave early, or who are otherwise disruptive to the educational experience of other students will have their prerequisite override revoked for the desired semester.

The Expired Prerequisite Workshops are course specific and can only be used as placement for the course and semester listed.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Developmental Math Department Advisor directly: Allyson Derocher at   or (801) 863- 5829.

Upcoming Workshop

Spring 2019

student working on math problem

Desired Spring 2019 Course:
Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning

Prerequisite Requirement:
C or better in MAT 1000 or 1010

Date and Time:
Jan 3rd and 4th from 10am - 12 noon

LA 115

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It is recommended that students unable to register for their desired 1030 course contact the advisor: Allyson Derocher at  or call (801) 863-5829  for options.

In the event that attendance at the workshop is not possible, the ALEKS exam may also be used for placement.

A math advisor will be sent a confirmation email with your workshop registration information and, upon verification of appropriate criteria (e.g., C or better in prerequisite course, or proper placement score), will process a system override allowing registration in UVU Spring 2019 classes. Please allow one business day for override processing.