Program Outcomes

Objectives for the Developmental Math Program


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      Objective 1:Students arriving unprepared for general education math courses (MAT 1030, STAT 1040, MATH 1050, or MATH 1090), will acquire the mathematical foundation and skills necessary to succeed in their general education course.   The students will take a common final exam for each course.   The final exam and end-of-semester grades for all students are compiled. Pass, success, and retention rates are calculated and compared.     IPS.2.a - d      

Objective 2: Students completing MAT 1030 will be able to communicate, interpret, and analyze quantitative information found in the media and in everyday life to make sound personal, professional, and civic decisions.





The students will not be given a common final exam because the content will be different in the QL courses, but the final exam will be graded with a common rubric to make sure that all aspects of the QL course are met.   Final exam scores are calculated and compared. Final exam rubrics are used to evaluate content delivery and mastery.     IPS.2.a-d; IPS.3.a-d;KF.1