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Mathematics for creativity and precision

The Math Lab provides tutoring for all UVU students in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. While assisting students with homework, tutors focus on developing students' skills and promoting sound mathematical principles. Additionally, the Math Lab offers resources and programs that enhance students' ability to understand and retain math knowledge.

Fall/Spring Hours

Monday - Thursday
8 am to 9 pm

8 am to 5 pm

10 am to 3 pm

Fall/Spring Hours

Monday - Thursday
9 am to 7 pm


Tutors in the Math Lab assist students in becoming more independent, self-confident, and effective learners, so they will be better able to attain their educational goals. Tutors are expected to work with students and help them learn, but not to simply give answers or do the problems for the students. No appointment is necessary to get help. T he Math Lab is a great place to work on math homework, so tutors can answer any questions as they arise.

The UVU Math Lab is located on Level 2 of the Liberal Arts Building, LA 201.

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Liberal Arts Building Room 201

800 West University Pkwy Orem , UT
84058 801-863-8310

Math Lab Manager
Kathryn Van Wagoner