Student Resources

Math Pass

Math Pass Coordinator

Colleen Bye
Office: LA 209h
Phone: 863-8407

Math Pass is an opportunity for students to review math concepts using an individualized course plan working at their own pace throughout the semester. Currently there are two tracks available (a) fast track review or (b) challenge Math 1050. The fast track review is where students would review concepts for 8 weeks through a semester and then pass a final test for Math 0950, Math 0990, or Math 1010. Passing this test will place you into the next course. Challenge Math 1050 is where students review Math 1010 concepts for eight weeks, pass the Math 1010 final, review or learn Math 1050 concepts, and pass a challenge exam for Math 1050 with a 70%. This is a one credit course.

For further information, please review this flyer.