Student Resources

Student Learning Assistance


Office: Math Lab LA 201


Structured Learning Assistance provides assistance for students to achieve success in specific courses through:

  • Regular weekly lectures (with facilitator in attendance)
  • Free facilitator-led weekly workshops (2 hours per week)
  • Mandatory attendance through first 2-3 weeks
  • Voluntary attendance after first 2-3 weeks if exam average is at least 80%
  • Mandatory attendance after first 2-3 weeks if exam average is < 80%
  • Guided practice
  • Group collaboration
  • Grade reports after each test
  • Study strategies, background information, and practice vital to academic SUCCESS!

The SLA workshops that are assigned to the accelerated MAT 1010/MATH 1050 combined classes are designed to help students with the rigorous workload associated with this course combination.  Students in the combined MAT 1010/MATH 1050 class should expect 2-4 hours of homework per day, in addition to their 2 lecture hours per day.

For more information, visit the main SLA page.