5 things I wish student knew

Professor Dan Hatch

Former Partner and Manager at RAIN.

Nov 16, 2017

Having been at the university for almost 2 years, I have come to love teaching students. They have a positive energy and vitality, that I have found that very invigorating. Here are some of the things I wish they knew.

DGM Faculty Internship & Jobs Panel Discussion 2017

DGM Faculty Internship & Jobs Panel Discussion 2017 (l-r Advisor Marianna Henry, Assoc. Prof. Bob Trim, Assist. Prof. Dan Hatch, Assist. Prof. Clayton Lantz, Assist. Prof. Owen Peterson, Dept. Chair Arlen Card)

1. The first step out into the darkness is always the hardest. If you just get yourself out there you will find that it is easier than you think. My first job was flipping hamburgers, but I knew I wanted to do more so I put myself out there and found the next thing.

“Fall down 7-times get up 8! Perseverance wins the day. Don't give up till the dance is over.”

2. Several years ago while at lunch at the local Chinese food cafe, I opened a fortune cookie. It had the magical words. “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” I have never forgotten those words, but find it is easy to give up when you are faced with adversity. So stick it out, I did and I finished school while working and raising my family. Of course my wife did most of the raising!

3. Gratefulness is the fountain of energy. When ever I feel down or low, I find that all I need to do is compare my circumstances to most of the world and I can be grateful for all we have. When down in Mexico, we see the poverty, but we also see the richness of their cultural heritage. Often we find that they have a smile on their face and are most hospitable.

4. Don't fear to make mistakes. The best of us have done it. You are in very good company. The big point is to learn from your mistakes and re-frame your situation. I love the phrase, make lemons out of lemonade.

5. Good design is a learned trait. Just like learning how to ride a bike or balance. Every human being can see and recognize good design. Every student can do good work if they learn the rules and try out new things.

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