First meeting with your academic advisor?

If you are a new or transfer student, please review the following criteria to ensure you are prepared for your first meeting with your Academic Advisor.

If you are a returning student and it has been more than 2 years since you last attended you will also want to review the following.

  1. Have you been admitted to UVU?
  2. Have your transcripts been sent to UVU?
    • Please note that official (i.e., sealed) transcripts from all previously attended institutions must be sent to UVU (this includes high school). If yes, proceed to #3.
    • If no, please contact your previous institutions and request that transcripts be sent to UVU Admissions
  1. Are your test scores on the system?
    • Have official copies of your ACT or SAT scores been sent to UVU? (If you have not taken these tests, you may need to take the UVU assessment exam.) If yes, proceed to #4.
    • If no, please contact your high school or ACT/SAT for instructions on requesting these scores.
  2. Have you completed the online Orientation?
    • Prior to meeting with your advisor you should complete the online orientation. Visit the Orientation website for more information. Proceed to #5.
  3. Meet with your Advisor
    • Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors below.

First-Year Academic Advisors (New Students)

If you are a first time student at UVU please make an appointment with our First-Year Academic Advisors below.

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Digital Media Program Academic Advisors

From time to time our advisors will have walk-in appointments available. Please go to CS 635 for more information or call 801-863- 8648.


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David Jones

“I loved the Digital Media Department. I felt that they prepared me for the job force. I do wish they had focused on using frameworks like bootstrap and angular but other than that i loved every minute.”

— David Jones

Degree Program Advising Sheets

Use these sheets to know the classes needed for any of our programs. The flow chart will show how you should schedule your classes semester by semester for the greatest benefit in the program outline.