Scheduling & Using the Audio Studio 

Studio Manager

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Popular Equipment Checkouts


  • Production Audio Kits (boom mic, blimp, pole and accessories, Lav mics, Zoom F4 recorder)
  • Zoom H6 Recorder
  • Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones



Schedule the Audio Studios (LC 310/311)

DGM Audio students scheduling the studio must have already passed DGM 2130 and be currently enrolled in and audio class that requires me to use the studio for graded projects. The DGM studio cannot be used for commercial projects or by non UVU DGM students. If you need access to audio equipment please mark that when scheduling.

Studio A is the large studio and Studio B is the small studio. Scheduling will be available when the studios are ready. Please be patient.

New Studio Complex

Control room one looking out through wall framing to Studio A Control Room One all framed out

Control Room 1 looking into Studio A with finished wall and windowControl Room One with a wall

Audient ASP4816 Console

Signal Routing


Using EQ

Listening to Pro Tools

Headphone Mix

SSL Matrix Console








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