DGM Faculty Honored by 2021 UVU Awards of Excellence

DGM Faculty Honored by 2021 UVU Awards of Excellence

Bill Otto (center) instructing students on how to properly use a light meter.

For the second year in a row DGM full-time and adjunct faculty have been honored in the yearly Awards of Excellence. This year full-time faculty member Bill Otto, Digital Cinema Production, and adjunct faculty Seth McCulloch, Web and App Development, were honored in a virtual ceremony on Thursday, April 15th.

photo of Seth McCulloch

Seth McCulloch Instructor for Web & App Development

Web Design and Development Program Coordinator Paul Cheney states that "Seth has been teaching our Web Essentials class for several years, and the students appreciate his caring attitude as a teacher. He keeps up with his grading and responds quickly to emails from students." And Seth's students seem to agree with these statements.

  • "Seth is really quick about grading and giving feedback, which I'm sure isn't easy. His feedback was helpful and I really liked that he held and [sic] optional "class time" each week if you needed help."
  • "[I like] Professor McCulloch's enthusiasm. He is a very nice, approachable teacher."
  • "He is incredible!"

photo of Bill Otto

Bill Otto Assistant Professor of Digital Cinema Production 

Bill Otto has been busy this semester helping out with filming for the Engineering Week Virtual Tour. In May, Bill will take over as Area Coordinator for Digital Cinema Production. With his background in cinematography, he takes students through their paces with passion for not only for filmmaking but for teaching. Below are a few of the things his students have said about him recently.

  • "Professor Otto was great about answering questions and explaining things in a way that never belittled a student and really helped them learn the subject at hand. Additionally he was very respectful and was super easy to work with."
  • "Every assignment and in-class workshop was a goldmine of experience. For assignments we would gain valuable feedback during class. For in-class workshops, we would be able to ask Bill for advice, and he was available to provide input."
  • "Bill is one of the best teachers in the Digital Cinema Program."