Program Overview

The BS degree, AAS degree (available Fall 2020), and the Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema Production train students in the development, production and post-production process of filmed media content for a variety of platforms. Using a hands-on, practical approach, students learn the tools, equipment, technologies, software, and protocols that are used on film and television sets and post-production facilities, large and small, throughout the world. The curriculum focuses on creating character-driven stories and how to use emerging digital technologies to enhance storytelling. Advanced students can choose to focus their study on different skill-sets within the Digital Cinema Production process including, but not limited to, Directing for Digital Cinema, Writing for Digital Cinema, Cinematography, Production, Post-Production, Documentary, and Sports Broadcasting.


Tracks of Study

Writing for Digital Cinema

UVU’s Writing for Digital Cinema track emphasizes character driven work geared toward appealing to a wide audience. While writing for television and feature films is the main focus, new media such as VR experiences and interactive games are also potential explorations. Participants in this track must be passionate about telling stories, have great attention to detail, and be observers of life and the human condition.


UVU’s Documentary track focuses on “non-scripted” content. This includes all genres of non-fiction documentary as well as advertising, corporate work, and ”reality” television programming. Emphases is on telling character driven stories that are both informative and visually satisfying. Students in this track should be passionate storytellers who hope to inspire audiences to change their lives.


UVU’s Cinematography track emphasizes telling visual stories through shot variation, lighting, depth, texture, color and camera movement. A great focus is placed on preparing students to work within camera, lighting or grip departments. Students practice on a wide variety of professional cameras and other gear. Students in this track should be passionate storytellers who are artistically driven with a love of photography and a good grasp on technology.

Directing for Digital Cinema

UVU’s Directing for Digital Cinema track emphasizes a combined classical approach to dramatic presentation, visually appealing cinematic language and thorough technical understanding. Students interested in this track of study will communicate well both verbally and visually, have a passion for storytelling and have an innate desire to share their voice.

Production & Pre-MBA

UVU’s Digital Cinema Production Program’s Emphasis in Production is a truly unique program. In collaboration with UVU’s MBA program we offer qualifying students a 4+1 Bachelor’s of Science and MBA. Meaning, students who follow the prescribed curriculum and achieve a high enough GPA can apply to the MBA program in their final year without taking the GRE and after just five years of schooling complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Cinema Production with an Emphasis in Production along with an MBA in Management (or Finance or Marketing with other pre-requisites). No other film school offers this same combination of opportunities. Progressing to the MBA is not a requirement. Students in this Track are passionate storytellers who love to be responsible for a story’s growth from an idea to a finished product, they love managing creative people and teams, and they are fascinated with delivering a product to a world-wide audience.


UVU’s Post-Production track focuses on the various aspects of media content’s post-production process including editing, color and visual effects. Emphasis is placed on telling stories visually and learning the software and platforms that are used in post-houses throughout the world.  Students in this track should be passionate storytellers, with a fascination for solving complex puzzles, and an interest in technology.

Sports Broadcasting Production

UVU’s Sports Broadcasting Production emphasis prepares students for the exciting world of live sports production. Students get hands-on training in the professional techniques and on the tools that are used by Fox Sports, ESPN and all others while gaining professional experience by broadcasting UVU’s live sports events. Students in this track should be passionate storytellers who love the rush that comes from working on a live production crew.

The First Two Years

The first two years of the Digital Cinema Production program introduces students to a broad range of necessary skills, ideas, and technology required to be competitive in securing employment in the entertainment industry. This includes courses in directing, editing, screenwriting, cinematography, production, photography, and film history. With the successful completion of the programmed two-year curriculum, a student may receive their AAS degree in Digital Cinema Production (AAS Degree coming Fall 2020). This training and degree qualify them for work in entry-level jobs in the film industry in a variety of capacities.

At the end of their second-year, students pass through a portfolio review process to assess their achievements and to guarantee they are prepared to advance to the more rigorous classes offered in the upper division courses. A thorough explanation of expectations for the portfolio review process are available on our web site.

The Second Two Years

The following two years allow students to specialize in a specific Recommended Track of Study. In these years, students go beyond entry-level work and establish the skills and training to become leaders in various specific fields within the filmed media industry.

There are six core required advanced classes: Cinematography II, Editing II, Storytelling for Digital Media II, Production Management, Producing I, and the Directing Workshop. In addition to these courses, students can focus their attention on one of seven Recommended Tracks: 1) Directing for Digital Cinema; 2) Writing for Digital Media; 3) Post-Production; 4) Cinematography; 5) Production; 6) Documentary; and 7) Sports Broadcasting Production. Acceptance into the individual tracks may be limited and is determined by the quality of your portfolio review.

In the Senior Year, students complete a Capstone Senior Project where they exhibit the culmination of their training and experience in a single project in their chosen track. More information about Senior Project expectations is found on our website. Upon successful completion of a Senior Capstone Project, students are eligible for a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Cinema Production

Facilities & Equipment

UVU’s Digital Cinema Production program is a hands-on program that focuses on learning the tools and equipment used on professional sets every day. In 2020 we opened new state-of-the-art production facilities, including a sound stage and Mac lab. Cameras and lighting equipment are available for students to check out from the time they enroll in their first DCP courses. 



Cinema sound stage with camera and lighting equipment

The DGM Cinema Stage is ready for action

Cinema stage from opposite direction showing filming equipment

 A bird's eye view of the Cinema Stage

Female student using Red camera

 Hands on training with professional equipment

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Digital Cinema Production Degrees

Students may earn a Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinema or a Certificate of Proficiency.

Digital Cinema Production

students filming movie

Digital Cinema Production

Prepares students for Digital Cinema related work. The program has been over ten years in the making. Created by filmmakers, a "hands-on" filmmaking experience integrates theory and engaged learning by using industry-standard scripting, pre-production, production, and post-production digital cinema techniques. Dollar for dollar, this is the best media training in the nation.

Digital Cinema Production Program Information

Digital Cinema Portfolio Requirements


Digital Cinema Production, AAS

Digital Cinema Production AAS Advising Sheet 2020-21

Digital Cinema Production AAS Flow Chart 2020-21


Digital Cinema Production, BS

Digital Cinema Production BS Advising Sheet 2020-21

Digital Cinema Production BS Flow Chart 2020-21

Writing for Digital Cinema Flow Chart 2020-21

Documentary Flow Chart 2020-21

Cinematography Flow Chart 2020-21

Directing for Digital Cinema Flow Chart 2020-21

Production Flow Chart 2020-21

Production MBA Flow Chart 2021-2022

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Sports Broadcasting Production Flow Chart 2020-21

Digital Cinema Production, BS - UVU Catalog

Program Learning Outcomes

Digital Cinema, Certificate of Proficiency

Digital Cinema, Certificate of Proficiency

Students may also study for a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema.

Digital Cinema Certificate Advising Sheet 2020-21

Digital Cinema Certificate of Proficiency, UVU Catalog

Program Learning Outcomes