The Program

The BS degree, AAS degree, and the Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema Production train students in the development, production and post-production process of filmed media content for a variety of platforms. Using a hands-on, practical approach, students learn the tools, equipment, technologies, software, and protocols that are used on film and television sets and post-production facilities, large and small, throughout the world. The curriculum focuses on creating character-driven stories and how to use emerging digital technologies to enhance storytelling. Advanced students can choose to focus their study on different skill-sets within the Digital Cinema Production process including, but not limited to, Directing for Digital Cinema, Writing for Digital Cinema, Cinematography, Production, Post-Production, Documentary, and Sports Broadcasting.


Program Philosophy

The Digital Cinema Production major offers two distinct areas of education and training: a Certificate of Proficiency and a Bachelor's of Science. At every level students receive hands on training in the skills needed to succeed in the industry of Media Content Creation whether it is for film, television, or internet platforms.

The major is designed after the standards and curriculum of the best film schools in New York and Los Angeles.

Each student starts by learning the basics of editing, photography, story structure, media management, cinematography and film production. At an early stage they learn proper set protocol and what we call "gripology." It is the program's philosophy that even a director needs to understand amperage, how to set a C-stand, pull a cable, push a dolly, fire up an HMI, sweep a floor, manage a camera report and stay focused for twelve hours at a time. By the end of their second year students are ready to step onto a professional set and live up to the standards that the program expects of them.

Before their junior year students present what they've learned in an official Portfolio Review to assure that they are prepared to continue on to advanced coursework.

In their junior year students are grouped into cohorts to better allow them to learn to work as teams and to network with each other. They learn advanced cinematography, writing for digital media, production, post-production and other topics. During their senior year each student is involved in a yearlong intensive "Capstone Project" which is the culmination of all they've learned.

Need some guidance?

To learn more schedule an appointment with one of our faculty, or one of the Digital Media department's advisors. Email to schedule an appointment with an Advisors: Marianna Henry (last names A-Ha); Brad Roundy (last names Hb-L); Joyce Porter (last names M-Z) contact for each.

The academic advisor office is located in CS 635. You can call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule a time for you to meet or talk with an advisor over the phone.

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Digital Cinema Degrees

Students may earn a Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinema or a Certificate of Proficiency.

Digital Cinema

students filming movie

Digital Cinema, BS

Prepares students for Digital Cinema related work. It includes courses relevant to work in the film industry and in studios.

Digital Cinema Program Information

Digital Cinema Advising Sheet 2019-20

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Digital Cinema Portfolio Requirements

Digital Cinema, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

Digital Cinema, Certificate of Proficiency

Digital Cinema, Certificate of Proficiency

Students may also study for a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema.

Digital Cinema Certificate Advising Sheet

Digital Cinema Certificate of Proficiency, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes