One of the reason’s UVU’s Digital Cinema Production major is the best film school experience in Utah is the opportunity to learn filmmaking from people actually making them. From big blockbusters to micro-budget indies to award-winning documentaries, at CineSkype we hear from them all. Once a month UVU’s Digital Cinema Production program hosts a movie then does a digital Question & Answer session with the filmmaker.

Past participants have included Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the Men in Black and Addams Family movies - as well as Get Shorty), Bruce Cohen (Academy Award winning producer of such films as American Beauty, Milk, Big Fish, Bleed for This and others), Guinevere Turner (screenwriter of American Psycho and other films) and Brigham Taylor (producer of The Jungle Book), Academy Award nominated writer and director Jeff Nichols (Loving, Mud, and Take Shelter), indie darling David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon and A Ghost Story), etc.

David Lowery

Writer/Director David Lowery (Ain't them Bodies Saints, Pete's Dragon, A Ghost Story)

Guinevere Turner

Writer/Director Guinevere Turner (American Psycho, Go Fish, The Notorious Bettie Page)

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen (Academy Award winning producer of American Beauty, Silver Lining Playbook, Milk)

Calendar of Events

We are very excited to announce our lineup for CINESKYPE this semester and are hoping to see students make it a priority. This is a unique program that is unlike anything you see outside of film schools in LA and NY. Starting Fall 2020 we will be streaming live from CS 404 at 7 pm.


September 15 - 7pm: 

Little Fish  (2020)

Little Fish (Unrated, probably PG-13) then Zoom with Director Chad Hartigan – Chad is the Spirit Award winning director of This is Martin Bonner and Morris from America. A story about a pandemic which he shot just before the pandemic, and which was released during the pandemic – Little Fish is a beautiful, impressionistic, romance. 


October 13 - 7pm:

News of the World (2020)

News of the Word (PG-13) then Zoom with Oscar winning Editor William Goldenberg – Billy is a legendary and Oscar winning editor for Argo – he’s also been nominated four other times, for Zero Dark Thirty, Sea Biscuit, and Imitation Game. The film was directed by Peter Greengrass and stars Tom Hanks. 


November 17 - 7pm:

I Will Make You Mine  (2020)

I Will Make You Mine (Unrated, probably R) then Zoom with Writer/Director/Actress Lynn ChenI Will Make You Mine is the third film in the Surrogate Valentine trilogy. The first two were written and directed by Dave Boyle, with Lynn as an actor, then ten years later, Lynn decided to conclude the story with her own film reuniting the characters. A classic micro budget series (IndieWire calls it “Cinema’s most casual trilogy”) shot by our own Assistant Professor Bill Otto.


December 8 - 7pm:

Val (2021)

Val (R) then Zoom with Directors/Editors Leo Scott and Ting Poo – Chronicling the mercurial career of Hollywood bad boy Val Kilmer from his own archival footage, Val is a bittersweet, thought-provoking documentary that must have required a ton of writing in post.

Movie Poster for Little Fish                      Movie Poster for News of the World


Chad Hartigan                      William Goldenberg
Chad Hartigan                                                                                     William Goldenberg

Movie poster for I Will Make You Mine                      Movie poster for Val


Lynn Chen                      Leo Scott (left) and Ting Poo (right)Lynn Chen                                                                                              Leo Scott (left) and Ting Poo (right)



CineSkype with Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, The Addams Family, and Get Shorty)