Digital Film Industry Professionals

UVU’s Digital Cinema Production faculty are all film professionals who come to UVU from various parts of the film and television industry. They are award-winning writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors, and they teach from experience gained first hand on film and television sets of all sizes. They are also well connected to working professionals in Utah as well as in media centers such as Los Angeles and New York. Each of them strives to provide UVU students with the best training in current production methods, practices, and technologies.

Faculty Spotlight (Full-Time)

Jenny Mackenzie on set talking with male boom operator

Jenny Mackenzie, Ph.D., is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker whose mission is to produce films that promote social change. Her films include KICK LIKE A GIRL, WHERE’S HERBIE? SUGAR BABIES, LEAD WITH LOVE & DYING IN VEIN, THE OPIATE GENERATION, and the 2018 Sundance Film QUIET HEROES. Her films have aired on top broadcast and VOD channels such as HBO, HULU, PBS, and Amazon, and have received praise in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe. Her social impact documentaries have screened at international film festivals and are currently being used by the US State Department to discuss public health and social justice issues worldwide. Jenny’s films have received grant support from Chicken & Egg Films, The Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Fledgling Fund, Artemis Rising, The Larry H. Miller Foundation, and The Eccles Foundation. Jenny teaches the following courses: DGM 1520 (Digital Cinema Production I), DGM 3590 (Documentary I), and DGM 459R (Documentary II).  

Faculty Spotlight (Part-Time)

Traci Hansworth center with Jason Alexander on left and Gabe on right
Traci W. Hainsworth is qualified in multiple fields of Executive Management and Entertainment Marketing. She has a proven track record in the Entertainment Industry. She has spent 20+ years building a solid and credible reputation for fair negotiations in production resources, brand integration, and promotions. She has worked on multi-million dollar productions, and her negotiations added to the project/film finishing on or under budget.As a senior executive at Warner Brothers, the Walt Disney Company, and Miramax Corporation, Traci generated millions in savings and leveraged several major promotions tied to over 130 films and 70 network and cable productions. Some of the corporations were Pennzoil, M&M/Mars, Home Depot and Dr Pepper, Kawasaki USA, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corp., Nestle, and Kraft, to name just a few. Working on the agency/corporate side, Traci represented several major international corporations in Entertainment Marketing including the Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, Yamaha of North America, Kawasaki of North America, AT&T, Schieffelin & Somerset, Nokia, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Swarovski, Swatch, Rimowas, and Bang & Olufsen. This diversity has facilitated experience in a variety of sales, marketing, and negotiating techniques. Traci teaches DGM 3550 (Producing I) and DGM 4550 (Producing II). 


Kohl Glass on set


As an Emmy Award-Winning Sundance Alumnus, Kohl Glass is a passionate and experienced filmmaker known for his strong, visual style and creative originality. His career began when his senior film, Der Ostwind, was chosen to be an Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival. He has since directed three feature films: Orc Wars (aka Dragonfyre) of which a bootlegged version had over 14 million views on YouTube, You May Now Kill the Bride (MarVista), which premiered on Lifetime to a reported 1.2 million viewers, and most recently Josie Jane: Kill the Babysitter for Top Dead Center Films. In 2012, Kohl wrote The Generations Project episode “Natalie,” which won an Emmy. Originally from Arizona, raised in Colorado, Kohl currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and daughter. He teaches DGM 2661 (Visualization for Digital Cinema – Pre-Directing).

Area Coordinator

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Austin Wilson

“UVU's DGM Cinema Production program took me from someone who had a passion for movies and helped me learn the theory, practical knowledge, and gave me the opportunities and network I needed to be able to direct the movies I wanted to make. Ultimately it gave me the foundation to make a career in video production.”

— Austin Wilson, 47 Minutes Producer

Adjunct Instructors

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Admin Staff

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