Digital Media Advisory Board

  • Brandon Jacobson - General Member (Utah State Office of Education)
  • Gary Wixom - General Member (Utah System of Higher Education)
  • Melinda Mansouri - General Member (Jordan Applied Technology Center)
  • Jeff Miller - Digital Cinema (Vineyard Productions)
  • John Farr - Digital Cinema (Creative Media Group)
  • Sterling Van Wagenen - Digital Cinema (LDS Church)
  • Marshall Moore - Digital Cinema (Park City Film Studios)
  • Adam Abel - Digital Cinema (Go Films)
  • Virginia Pearce (Utah Film Commission)
  • Tyler Measom (Independent Filmmaker)
  • Andrew Howlett - Web Technologies (Rain)
  • Branden Neish - Web Technologies (Progressive Leasing)
  • Thom Allen - Web Technologies (LDS Church)
  • Josh Knell - Web Technologies (SkyRocket Media LLC)
  • Hiroyuki Takahashi - Web Technologies (SkyRocket Media LLC)
  • Scott Smith - Web Technologies (InfoTrax)
  • Jon Dean - Animation & Games (XacFAQ)
  • Farrell Edwards - Animation & Games (XacFAQ)
  • Josh Jones - Animation & Games (SmartBomb Interactive)
  • Mark Walton - Animation & Games (Disney, DreamWorks, Sega)
  • Mike Hubler - Animation & Games (Trideum Corporation)
  • Clive Romney - Digital Audio (Record Executive/Producer/Engineer)
  • Dan Carlisle - Digital Audio (Soularium Recording Studios)
  • Michael Chadbourne - Digital Audio (LDS Motion Picture Studio)

Supporting Digital Media

Contributions from alumni, community partners, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of UVU make an impact in shaping the minds and changing the lives of our students. Even modest contributions pooled together create opportunities for academic success by funding scholarships, engaged learning activities and provide support for program growth.

There are various opportunities for giving including in-kind donations of equipment and materials for use in our classrooms and hands-on learning projects. Naming opportunities for facilities, classrooms, and programs recognize individuals whose service and support have played a key role in ensuring the continued success of UVU and to remember and honor loved ones and friends.

Private Scholarships

The following private scholarships have been created by generous donors for the benefit of Digital Media students.

  • Deseret Digital Media Scholarship
  • Digital Media Department Scholarship

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