The Animation and Game Development degree affords students the opportunity to gain skills that are central to contemporary industry best practices, with a focus on aesthetics, scripting, and modeling. Animation and Game Development is a limited-enrollment program.

Ty Carson

“Thanks to UVU for offering the Digital Media program. Finding a gaming & animation degree at a school with affordable tuition is very hard to find. UVU has fun classes, endless tools/resources, and experienced staff. Internship opportunities are also constantly available.”

— Ty Carson

Digital Media Student Awards

The Ghost Next Door was honored with a 2016 College Television Award (Student Emmy) for animation and was shortlisted for the 2017 BAFTA Student Film Award in animation. Students produce many other Animations during their senior capstone projects.

The Ghost Next Door Winner of UVU's first College Television Award ‘Student Emmy'

Navajo Tales: The Stars UVU Senior Project

Relic UVU Senior Project

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Job Opportunities

Animation and Game Development degree encompasses more than just making games. Our graduates go out to become game designers, video game tester, and game design software engineers. Secondary jobs can include accident scene reconstruction, animation for media production.

Recent graduates who hold a degree in Animation & Game Development will find that there are many entry-level jobs in animation available. Many of these animation jobs are with major animation studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks and Walt Disney Studios, which both have extensive college-level hiring programs.


Career Development Center

Animation & Game Development Faculty

Animation & Game Development faculty come from the industry. They have many years of combined experience in professional animation and game productions. Coming from companies like DreamWorks and Electronic Arts.

UVU Animation & Game Development Faculty

Portfolio - Limited Enrollment

Animation and Game Development is a limited-enrollment program. Students wishing to declare this discipline as their major must complete a first-year core consisting of DGM 1610, DGM 1620, and DGM 1660. A minimum grade of B in all of these is required to apply for acceptance into this program. Portfolios are reviewed annually after Spring grades are posted.

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