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UVU now offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Animation and Game Development. This degree affords students the opportunity to gain skills that are central to contemporary industry best practices, with a focus on aesthetics, scripting, and modeling. Animation and Game Development is a limited-enrollment program.

Animation & Game Design

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Animation & Game Development, BS

Prepares students for Digital Animation and Game Development related work. It includes courses relevant to working in the animation and gaming industry.

Animation & Game Development Program Information

Animation & Game Development Advising Sheet 2019-20

Animation & Game Development Flow Chart 2019-20

Animation & Game Development Portfolio Requirements

Animation & Game Development, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

Matt Jones

“Also a plus: they try hard to ensure that a graduating student has a good chance of getting a job after graduating. They help find internships, do tours of potential employers, etc.”

— Matt Jones

Submitting a successful portfolio

Students wishing to become part of the Animation and Game Development Program will need to submit a portfolio of work after completing first year core classes.

A Successful DGM 1620 Portfolio

The following are examples of sketchbook pages and a finished animation from DGM 1620, representing students that successfully applied for the program here at UVU. These define the standard expected by those who complete DGM 1620, and are selected to be a part of the sophomore cohort.

sketch of faces    sketch of ballerina in tutu    sketch of man with sword    sketch of man with candle attached to forehead    figure sketches

sketch of female figure    sketch of ballerina on point    sketch of space woman and alien    sketch of man with glasses    sketch of female pilot with navigator helmet and glasses

sketches of male and female characters



An example of a first block animation assignment. During the first block, students concentrate on exercises that help them understand animation principles.





An example of a second block animation assignment. During the second block, students apply the principles they have learned in short animated scenes that tell mini-stories.


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