Extended Reality & Simulations Track in Animation and Game Development Degree

This track explores the emerging technology and digital worlds of Virtual Reality (VR). This is the bleeding edge of technology and experiences that are being developed for future careers.

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I am interested-how do I apply?

These are the simple steps you will need to take to get into the Extended Reality & Simulations program at Utah Valley University. Make sure you meet with an advisor, as they will be your guide to being successful in the program.

Apply to UVU


Apply to UVU


Meet with an Advisor

Tell your advisor you're interested in the following:

Animation & Game Development program

  • Virtual Reality and Simulations Track



Register for Fall 2022 Classes

DGM 1645 - Mixed Reality Essentials

Teaches fundamentals of Virtual Reality for development and how to properly create engaging interfaces in the virtual space

DGM 1220 - Digital Design Essentials

Teaches fundamentals of digital layout for web development and how to properly create engaging interfaces

DGM 1660 - Intro to 3D Modeling and Surfacing

Instructs students to develop 3d models, UV maps, and 2D textures. Teaches how to integrate models into a realtime rendering engine


Jenna Smith

“I am so excited about this program! We have already worked on industry projects, thanks to our experienced and trained professors. They help us understand current and future trends of the ever-changing VR industry.”

Jenna Smith

Student Projects

These are some of the examples of the projects in the Extended Reality and Simulations Track. Students work with industry partners and clients to build projects for simulating the manufaturing process for silicon chips to crime screen virtualization.

VR Classroom Expeditions

Nasa Gateway

Timpanogos Cave VR

Nano Technology

Beit Lehi VR Project

CET Virtual Tours

Scarlet's Den

VR Crime Scene Visualization

Oculus Horizon Workrooms

Extended Reality & Simulation Career Pathways

There are job listings for VR and Simulations Careers-the future is already here.

Extended Reality & Simulation Tech Jobs

Unreal Engine Developer, Augmented Reality UX Designer, UX Researcher (XR Products), Senior Augmented Reality UX Designer, Immersive Developer, Virtual Reality Technical Expert, XR Instructional Technology Developer, Interactive Multimedia Developer, VR/AR Developer, XR QA Manager Test Consultant


Extended Reality & Simulation Salary Ranges

XR Salary Ranges