Michael Harper

About Michael Harper

Michael Harper received his Undergraduate and Master’s Degree’s from Utah State University in Geography Education with a specific interest in building multimedia-based curricula for secondary education. After teaching at USU for a one-year appointment after graduation, he then moved his family to Phoenix to participate in what would later become known as the Dotcom boom and bust! After several years as a Web Content Manager and Online Media Director at a U.S. Latino focused startup he looked for new adventures in a rapidly expanding industry.

Post Dotcom adventures included stints at a video production company, a unified school district integrating media technology in the classroom, and a healthy dose of media consulting for Web and optical media development. Michael then chose to follow his original goal of teaching at the college level and came to UVU with industry insights that have served students well.

Since joining Digital Media, Michael has been an advocate for infusing emerging technologies in the classroom, a staunch adherent for improved standards in the mobile media markets, and heavily involved in cultivating International Media engaged learning opportunities for DGM students.

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