Digital Cinema


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The Graduating Digital Cinema Student Will Demonstrate Mastery of Cinema Production Principles and Techniques Through the Ability to:

  • Implement the processes, strategies, and protocols required for the production and creation of filmed media content, from entry level (production assistant) to advanced (producer and production manager), based on standard industry practices.
  • Describe and fill the role of the director in creating and executing the esthetic look and shooting plan of a screenplay in collaboration with department heads, actors, key crew members, and the post production team.
  • Implement their understanding of the psychological foundations of how storytelling functions through various technologies, how to apply the storytelling principles to create effective communication using a variety of media and in a variety of key production roles including producer, director, writer and editor.
  • Describe and fill the role of the cinematographer as technician, manager and storyteller by acquiring hands-on skills with grip, electric and camera equipment, and how these skills are applied to workflows in pre-production, principle photography and post-production.
  • Carry out applied learning activities focused on the post production process for digital media productions (documentaries, narrative, short format and corporate industrial).
  • Understand and show practical skills for the post workflows from asset management through final project delivery including client/director collaboration, technical and aesthetic editing skills, mastery of software tools, color correction and delivery of the product in required industry standard formats.

Skills achievement will be assessed through written and practical testing.


The unique digital film track at UVU has been over ten years in the making. Created by filmmakers, it is a “hands on” filmmaking experience that marries theory and engaged learning by using industry standard scripting, pre-production, production, and post-production techniques. By the time students graduate, they will have had an opportunity to be involved in three short films, professional boot camps, internships on professional productions and a capstone two-semester Senior Project.

Gripology & Motion Picture Culture

We begin at the beginning. All students learn gripology. We believe even a director needs to understand amperage, how to set a C-stand, pull a cable, push a dolly, fire up an HMI, sweep a floor, manage a camera report and stay focused for ten hours. By the end of their 2nd year they will be ready to step onto a set without stumbling through the eye line of an actor or taking down a light before it has cooled. Learn more about the production process.


Students filming in Chile