Becky Trammel is the UVU Student Association (UVUSA) Digital Media representative. She acts as a representative for the students to faculty and is a source for information coming out of the Digital Media Department.  If you have any suggestions or feedback for Becky please feel free to email her. 


Becky Trammel

Becky Trammel

DGM Department Student Representative

email becky trammel


DGM tutors will be available in the Tech & Engineering Lab (CS 612) Fall 2018. Please visit the lab for specific tutor schedules.

UVU is also offering Online Tutoring in some courses to assist you with your academic career.


Advanced Digital Media Sandbox (ADMS)

The Advanced Digital Media Sandbox located in CS 513 is available for Digital Media students Sophomore level and above to work on projects. Digital Media students can check out video games, gaming consoles, audio, and video materials for research purposes in CS 526. The ADMS also hosts our tutoring lab times.

ADMS UX Design Wall with various mobile digital devices
ADMS Audio Listening Station with four sets of headphones hanging on the wall
ADMS UX Design Station with iPad, iPhone, and car video monitor

Equipment Checkout

Equipment is available for Digital Media students to check out of the Fulton Library. Some items are specific to the Digital Media Department. If you have any issues checking out those items please feel free to email your professor and carbon copy (cc) J. O'Day to get your name on the list.

For advanced students, equipment is available for checkout through the audio and cinema departments at the studios in LC 311.


Software is available for free or at a discounted rate for students, staff, and faculty. The College of Technology and Computing Technical Support will guide you in setting up your account. If you already have an account you can go directly to the software store sign in page.

General Open Lab & Color Printers

Open Lab with Color Printer: CS 615 (General software only specific software for your particular degree can be found in the classrooms)

Computers for Animation & Cinema: There are Mac computers located near the DGM office (CS 526). Two each for both Animation and Cinema.

Rooms with Color Printers: CS 510, CS 512, CS 514 (These rooms are classrooms please be respectful that means use the printer only when there is no class in that room - thank you)

Jobs & Internships

Digital Media has a new place for job and internship leads. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience, build a portfolio, and add to your resume. Sara Moore is the Internship Coordinator for the College of Technology and Computing and she can be reached by email at smoore@uvu.edu.

UVU Career Development

Looking for a job to pay the bills? UVU Jobs has Student or Part-time jobs that can fit your schedule. Starting your career is easy with UVU's Career Development Center.