Student Work

Web Design & Development students work to create real projects every semester. As they progress in the program their work becomes more sophisticated. Each class adds to their technical prowess.

Cortland Johnson

“UVU Digital Alumni here, I loved Digital Media, since graduating I have gone on to do some pretty great things with my degree.”

— Cortland Johnson

Beginning Work

All UVU Web Design & Development students learn the fundamentals of digital design and production. Their first year of curriculum helps students get the fundamentals down to start preparing for their web design and development career.

various screenshots from mobile devices blue lines coming from outside the field pointing to points on the mobile phone screenshots

Sketch Protoyping
full views of tablet and phone websites

Responsive Web Design

map of words some circled others not with arrows going from one topic to another titled Concept Model

Information Design

Advanced Work

Our students learn how to produce more advanced work.

a person organizing black and white photographs of people on a table

DNA Digital Namibian Archives

mockup of the Loveland Aquarium website on two cell phones

Loveland Aquarium

screenshot of website designed for Utah County FD

Utah County FD

Capstone Projects

Senior Web Design and Development students spend the last year working on their capstone project, which is a culmination of all of the work they have done to this point in their academic career.

mockup of website on tablet

Gail Halverson Website

screeshot of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium website

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

image of a columbarium with the words Beit Lehi in english and hebrew

Beit Lehi Digital Publication

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