UVU Radio

UVU Digital Audio students have a variety of courses covering the vast field of audio careers they must take in completing their bachelor of science degree. One such class is Radio Production. In this class students learn about radio station management and broadcast infrastructure, frameworks and protocols as well as creating and editing commercials, short pieces, and interviews. Students who are interested in taking their skills further can participate in UVU Radio, an online streaming station run exclusively by them. For more information on UVU Radio you can visit their Facebook Page @ uvuradio.

Students doing a live broadcast at Sundance Film Festival

UVU Radio Club students doing a live broadcast from Sundance!

Jazzy DJ playing music for an event

Jazzy DJ running the Radio

Student Grant Matheson recording himself on a variety of microphones UVU Digital Audio owns

Digital Audio student recording himself with various microphones

Facebook logoUVU Radio

Facebook logo@UVURadio

Work at KPCW

If students are looking to expand their skills into live radio they also have the opportunity to work with Associate Professor Mike Wisland at Park City’s KPCW on Friday nights.

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