New Class for Fall 2020

DGM 2545 - Mixed Reality for Digital Cinema Storytelling

DGM 2545 introduces students to creating cinematic stories in a Virtual Reality space. Learn how to shoot, stitch, edit, and deliver VR and other interactive cinema projects. Also explore the potential this technology has in different media formats, such as entertainment, documentary, etc. Your own experimentations may shape the use of the technology in the future.

Tuesday/Thursday 3 PM - 4:50 PM EE 131A 3 Credits

Taught by Dana Ware

Required for Digital Cinema Production students in the Cinematography and Documentary Tracks, and an optional requirement for students in the Post-Production Track. However, this class is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to create VR content and is appropriate for people majoring in Computer Science, Tech Management, or other disciplines.

Instructor Bio

Dana Ware

Dana Ware is a creative and resourceful Director, Designer, and Producer with a career in the film, commercials, and interactive media industries that include Virtual Reality, new media, and motion capture. Dana’s VR credits include The VOID’s Award Winning AVENGER's DAMAGE CONTROL, JUMANJI: REVERSE THE CURSE, as well as the Google sponsored experience PERSPECTIVES VR for Google. Her commercial work includes directing spots for ADOBE and COMIC CON.

Dana received a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Utah’s Film & Media Arts Department and a bachelors’ degree from UCLA School of Arts and Architecture. Currently she is a second year graduate student at the University of Utah pursuing a Masters of Entertainment Arts and Engineering. As a graduate student, Dana was awarded a grant to design and teach the first Immersive Media production course at the University of Utah. The class focused on 360 filmmaking, VR, AR, XR, and projection mapping. She has also taught courses in film history, including the beginning until 1952 and from 1952 until the present.