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UVU offers Bachelor of Science degree in Animation and Game Development with included topics of study in the following: 2D Animation & Games, 3D Animation & Games and Extended Reality & Simulations. The Animation & Game Development Program is a Cohort based degree. Once the student is accepted into the program they can focus on differing topics of study for their final capstone projects. Student portfolio reviews, for program acceptance, are held each year, in December.  

student animating 2d objects on a computer

2D Animation & Games Track

2D Animation topic of study affords students the opportunity to gain skills that are essential in contemporary studios.

  • The core disciplines of this program are Character Rigging, Animation, and Compositing.
  • UVU’s 2D Program was recognized as an Animation Center of Excellence by Toon Boom Inc. in March 2021.
  • These skills prepare the students to become an animator of production quality animations (think Disney 2D animation) 
student animating 3d objects on a computer

3D Animation & Games Track

3D Animation and Games topic of study affords students the opportunity to gain essential skills used in industry today. 

  • Focus on 3D modeling, scripting and rigging.
  • Students construct both individual and group titles.
  • These skills prepare the students to produce production quality animation and games. 
student sitting down with a virtual reality headset on

Extended Reality & Simulations Track

The Extended Reality & Simulations topic of study explores the emerging technology and virtual worlds of Mixed Reality. This is the bleeding edge of technology and experiences that are being developed for future careers.

  • Virtual Reality Experiences & Virtual Social Communities
  • Mixed Reality Experiences and Emerging Technologies
  • Virtual Reality Simulation and Development
  • Content Creation and Development

Animation & Game Development

animated air ducts

Animation & Game Development, BS

Prepares students for Digital Animation and Game Development related work. Allows students to gain skills that are central to contemporary industry best practices, with a focus on aesthetics, scripting, and modeling.

Program Information

BS Degree Advising Sheet

BS Degree Flow Chart

BS Degree Program Learning Outcomes

  • Rig basic bipedal and quadra-pedal three dimensional models.
  • Apply virtual light and camera tools to render believable environments.
  • Create and map custom textures for use in environmental and on character models.
  • Design and create visual effects for games and animation.
  • Design components for both entertainment and business industries at a professional level.
  • Develop and produce 2D and 3D game, and animation resources.
  • Participate in a team to create and present a major project.
  • Plan, schedule, follow through, and communicate in a team-oriented setting.
  • Use contemporary agile development methods, from pre-production to post in a team setting.
  • Write basic scripts to augment and customize procedural technical processes.

BS Program Learning Outcomes

BS Degree Catalog Information


2D Animation Track Portfolio Requirements

Animation and Game Development BS Degree with a track in 2D Animation Flow Chart


3D Animation and Games Track Portfolio Requirements

Animation and Game Development BS Degree with a track in 3D Animation and Games Flow Chart

Animation and Game Development BS Degree with a track in XR and Simulations Flow Chart

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