Technology Standards Exception Form

This form is to request an exception, or change to established campus technology standards.

Technology Standards can be found here:

TSC Standards

Lenovo and Apple are the suppliers of laptop and desktop computers at UVU. Computers approved for purchase will include basic and performance desktop computers as well as light-weight performance, mid-sized basic, and full-sized performance laptops from each vendor.

These standard configurations are purchased in volume saving the institution money while at the same time providing options that address the computing needs of faculty, staff, and computer labs.

It is understood that occasionally there needs to be exceptions to established standards and will be considered based on the following criteria: Academic requirements, availability of specific functionality, and donated or granted equipment.Standards exceptions and changes can be granted by completing the Technology Standards Exceptions / Change Form and obtaining the required approvals:

  • Exceptions to these standards will most likely be considered if it is:
  • Exceptions will most likely not be considered if based on price, personal preference, or style considerations.

Instructions for completing this form

After completing the information below and clicking "Submit" a new web page will open. Once you have acknowledged that you agree to use electronic records and signatures and click the "Continue" the form will open. Fill out the information on the form and click "Finish". The form will then be routed your Area Technician, Supervisor, IT Reviewer, ITAM Office, and Controller for review or approval. The Purchasing Office will receive a copy of the completed form.