COVID-19 Guidelines

Utah County Health Department

Utah County Health Department is informing all restaurants of current yellow low risk” guidelines from the governor’s office and Utah Leads Together 2.0. Follow the link below to read more about specifics for the food and beverage industry:

Utah Health Guidance Levels

Catering & Event Services New Protocols

  • Groups of patrons at a table must maintain a distance of 6 feet from patrons of other parties at all times.
  • Either move tables or mark off tables not to be used.
  • Cannot place utensils on table until patron is seated.
  • Staff avoid touching items that have been placed on the table (menus, plates, utensils, pens, cups, etc.).
  • The table will be cleared by a dedicated staff member once all guests have left.
  • Dedicated staff member sanitizes the area occupied by customers upon departure including tables, menus, pens, salt and pepper shakers, etc. Consider use of disposable items if necessary.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting includes all tables, chairs, door handles, floors, bathrooms, and any high-touch surfaces.
  • To-go boxes, pizza boxes, paper cups, and any other paper product that touches food must be treated as food.

*SC 214 and SC Center Stage and SC 111 J/K are off-line due to construction*

Location Capacity with Food Capacity without Food-chairs only
SC Grand Ballroom 45 rounds of 3 - 135 seats 170 seats - chairs 6ft. apart
SC 206 A or B or C 6 rounds of 3 - 18 seats 5 rows of 4 chairs each - 20 people
SC 213 A or B 4 rounds of 3 - 12 seats 4 rows of 4 chairs each - 16 people
CB 510 6 rounds of 3 - 18 seats 7 rows of 5 chairs each - 35 people
CB 511 10 rounds of 3 - 30 seats 7 rows of 8 chairs each - 56 people
FL Lakeview Room 10 rounds of 3 - 30 seats 4 rows of 12 chairs - 48 people
FL Bingham Gallery 8 rounds of 3 - 24 seats N/A
SC 206 G/H Standard Set - will remove chairs to only fit 10 people N/A


  • All rooms will use 6ft round tables to accommodate social distancing - this further reduces the capacities of SC 213 A/B and FL Lakeview room due to larger table size than our standard for those rooms.
  • All events will require longer set up and take down time.
  • Round table set capacity is the same regardless of food or not.
  • Cafeteria style buffets are allowed with catering approval and enforced procedures. Attendees who remove masks to eat or drink must maintain 6 feet of distance from other parties.
  • If alternate sets besides chairs or rounds is requested - please be aware that capacity will be further reduced due to our table sizes and space per room - work with your scheduler for room layout and capacity.
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