How It Works

ID card
  1. When you open a UV OneCard Gold account, a sticker will be put on your I.D. Card to turn it into your UV OneCard Gold account.
    • When you open UV OneCard Green account, only the card is needed (No sticker).
  2. Simply present your UV OneCard to the cashier at any of the participating dining locations on the UVU campus with sticker up.
  3. The cash register reads your UV OneCard and checks your balance.
  4. Your purchases are deducted from your UV OneCard Gold or Green account on an a-la-carte basis including applicable tax..
  5. Your new balance is electronically displayed at the cash register and on the receipt.
  6. Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise. A credit will be made to your account within three business days from the time the merchandise is returned.
  7. New cards are made at UVU Campus Connection by having 1/3 tuition fees paid or verification of financial aid or scholarships and providing a government photo identification. This identification may be a valid drivers license, State I.D., or similar type of official picture identification.
  8. It is assumed that the person presenting the UV OneCard is the owner.
  9. Lost or stolen UV OneCards can be cancelled immediately at Campus Connection. Account balances cannot be protected when the card is lost or stolen until the card is reported lost or stolen to Campus Connection and invalidated. Only the balance at the time the card is reported lost or stolen and invalidated can be protected.
  10. There is a replacement fee of $15 for lost, stolen, or damaged cards. There will be a charge for all faculty/staff/department cards of $15.
  11. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of this card will apply to all cards in circulation and use at the future date, and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.