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FAA Transfer Credit Request 

Students who have completed specific certificates and ratings within aviation can be granted transfer credit.  Students will need to complete and submit the FAA Transfer Credit Request Form via DocuSign.  If you plan to submit a FAA Transfer Credit Request, please obtain proper documentation such as a copy or image of your earned certificate or certification card to upload and attach to your DocuSign.  In some rare cases, copies of certificates are difficult to obtain.  If this is the case, please upload a word document stating your full name and any previous names, birthday, and date range your certificate could have been awarded.  We will utilize this information in order to effectively research and verify the validity of the certificate through the Federal Aviation Administration database. 

To submit your transfer request, please fill out the information below and click Submit. 

NOTE: Please only submit your highest level of earned certificate. For example: If you have completed the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Airline Transport Pilot, please only list the Airline Transport Pilot.  This will grant you all of the previous courses awarded for the Private and the Commercial all in one package and will prevent duplication of credits.     


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