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This section of the study will investigate the narratives that people have regarding the lake that will allow researchers to understand the stories told about the lake and the way people communicate about the lake.

Potential Research Questions:

Year 1- What are the narratives and memories that local residents have about Utah Lake?

Year 2- What are the narratives surrounding the reasons Utah Lake is not a desirable natural resource?

Year 3- What information would cause a change in the narratives that local residents have about Utah Lake? What would have to occur to make the lake seem like an attractive natural resource?

Student Activities:
Students will: 1) conduct a content analysis of media for the last 100 yrs to identify the historical importance of the lake and see if media portrayal has changed; 2) create questions for surveys and interviews, conduct the surveys with local residents, and analyze the data: 3) connect there search findings to the data found by other research teams and communicate results of secondary and archival data, surveys and interviews to peers, partners, and others through written & oral works.

Faculty Mentor: TBD               

Partnering Agency: Utah Lake Commission