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human geography circle

This project emphasizes spatial reasoning skills and connections through methods from human geography and social science to examine governance and society-natural resource relationships. Each year, students will create survey and interview questions based on the following research questions:

Potential Research Questions:

Year 1- How do local politicians, residents, and other stakeholders think about and use Utah Lake, and how does this vary across demographics and space?

Year 2- What caused a change in how local residents, politicians, and other stakeholders have thought about and used Utah Lake?

Year 3- What would be the components of a plan for Utah Lake that residents,politicians, and other stakeholders would be most likely to support?

Student Activities:
Each year, students will create new interview and/or survey questions to study the research questions. Surveys will be analyzed quantitatively, and responses mapped to investigate whether spatial relationships, such as distance to the lake or type of neighborhood, impacts results. Qualitative methods will be used to analyze in-depth interview data. Special emphasis will be placed on communicating results through maps, graphics, and other media.

Faculty Mentor: Hilary Hungerford, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science Partnering Agency: Utah Lake Commission; City of Orem