TRIO SSS Application

Below are the steps to complete the TRIO Student Support Services Program Application.

Step 1:

Complete all required information sections:

  1. General Information
  2. Personal Information
  3. Financial Aid Information
  4. Academic Profile

Complete one or more of the following forms:

  1. First Generation Certification
  2. Disability Verification (you will need your Disability Counselors name and email)
  3. Low Income Certification

Step 2:

Submit the TRIO Student Support Services DocuSign Application. 

After Application Submission Process:

After your application is received by the TRIO SSS program, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received and processed.   You will be notified by email if you have been accepted into the TRIO SSS program within 30 days after your application has been processed.   

To begin your application process please select the best option below.

Independent Student

  • An independent student is one of the following:

    • at least 24 years old and/or married
    • a graduate or professional student
    • a veteran, a member of the armed forces
    • an orphan
    • a ward of the court
    • someone with legal dependents other than a spouse
    • an emancipated minor or someone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

If you fit this category please CLICK HERE

Dependent Student

A dependent student is under 24 years old and does not fit under any of the categories listed under independent student above.  As such, the dependent student’s parent or legal guardian must sign this form. 

If you fit this category please CLICK HERE