International Student Teaching

Experiencing student teaching in international locations has multiple major benefits for the future teacher. This type of student teaching placement  provides experiences in schools and classrooms with different educational, cultural, and linguistic contexts. Pre-service teachers are:

  • exposed to and practice a variety of teaching methodologies.

  • immersed in a selected target language environment

  • able to develop sensibilities to being non-native speakers of the language of instruction

  • involved in professional and personal intercultural communication

  • able to gain significant knowledge and experiences that are unique and relevant to their future professional life in a 21st century classrooms.

Pre-service teachers who integrate international experiences into their professional preparation develop higher competencies related to inclusive teaching and learning. Our international strategy is designed to support Utah’s dual language programs, as students travel to destinations where the current dual language immersion languages (Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German) are spoken.  


Switzerland - Fall Semester - odd years

New Zealand - Fall Semester - even years

Navajo Nation - Spring Semester - even years

Portugal/Spain - Spring Semester - even years


*For more information, contact Dr. Vessela Ilieva at or (801) 863-5183.