Secondary Education

Content Area Faculty

Key Assignment

As part of their senior portfolio, secondary education students are required to complete a Key Assignment in their content area methods course. This Key Assignment consists of 3-5 lesson plans that may or may not comprise a particular unit of study. In other words, the lesson plans may be sequential and within a common unit, or the lesson plans may represent different courses or units of study.  Lesson plans should be created on the common UVU Lesson Plan Template and scored according to the Key Assignment Rubric.

Toward the end of each semester, content faculty should compile their scores on the attached Key Assignment Score Form and email the form to the School of Education accreditation representative, Vessela Ilieva []. Submitted scores should represent the averages from scores on the 3-5 lesson plans submitted.  

Student Teaching Observations

Content faculty who serve as student teaching supervisors are required to complete 4 formative and 1 summative evaluation on each student supervised. Evaluation forms, rubrics, and other information can be found under the Student Teaching Tab.